Holly is a Canadian singer/songwriter. She had three original country songs recorded and produced at Hilltop Recording Studio by producer and studio manager - John Nicholson, and sound engineer Matt Huitt in Nashville, TN, USA.

These songs include;
'Wild Dreams, Wild Horses', 'One Way Street', and 'This Brick Wall' which were written by Holly and co-songwriter, Noreen Merrick.

So far, Holly has been featured on Shaw TV Okanagan on the show Inspired Word Café in 2018. In 2019 she was a featured music artist on Q101 FM Merritt, as well as A.V.A. Live Radio with Jacqueline Jax, in 2020, Holly's country music was played  on the only country radio station in Luxembourg, Europe, Country Radio Gilsdorf on Jim's Rockin' Boots Show. To learn more about Holly's career, keep scrolling down for her Story.

Since the pandemic began in 2020, Holly has been spending time with immediate family, reflecting within, and writing songs. She is looking forward to posting her new original songs once they are recorded professionally. You can check her EP out on many music streaming sites; Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and Amazon Music, where you can download or just listen!

This year, 2021, Holly decided to take the time to study and is now a certified holistic life coach. With this, Holly plans to help women who feel held back or stuck due to life circumstances, to become wealthy in confidence through the online group workshops and one-on-one coaching she will provide. Holly will bring all the knowledge she has acquired as a performer, musician, model, actress, promoter, fashion consultant, and natural health practitioner into her work as a holistic coach.

 Holly's Story

Holly's message to her fans,

"I don't know who needs to hear this but, you are stronger than you think, it is important make changes that better your life, and to not become discouraged if things don't go as planned. Embrace the changes, do your part to be your personal best, and keep what is most important in your heart, you are resilient". She has found that what is most important in her life is family, and that working on her music is very therapeutic. Music is powerful, reaches beyond what is physical, and whoever your family is, chosen or blood, feeds the soul.

Holly's story,

She is the oldest of two other siblings, and was born in British Columbia, Canada. Holly and her two brothers were raised by her mother Noreen who worked full-time. She spent part of their life in a small town on a grain farm in Saskatchewan where her adopted father, Reg, where he farmed and still lives. By the age of 6 years old, Holly found a love for singing and entertaining. Noreen put her in piano, and dance lessons, and in her early teens, karate. Not long after, Holly was signed to a local model agency in Regina and started modelling. There was a lot of moving while growing up, long story short, Holly graduated high school in Regina, Sk. and from there she moved to Victoria, BC once again, where she grew up most of her teen and adult life.

Other enjoyable life experiences Holly has been involved in;

Singing, selling raffle and event tickets, and volunteering for fundraiser gala events, such as: C-Fax Santa’s Anonymous, Children’s Hospital, and Camp Easter Seal in Victoria, B.C. She and Noreen also organized three fundraisers, where they and their friends came together to help make their fundraiser a reality, to bring awareness of the care special needs individuals received in government care homes. Holly has competed in modelling competitions in Vancouver, Canada, NYC, New York, USA, and competed in the Miss Canada Globe National Pageant in Toronto, Ont., where she was a top ten semi-finalist representing BC, Canada as Miss Petite British Columbia 2009. She has been a background actor in Vancouver, B.C and has appeared on multiple T.V. series such as; Once Upon a Time, and Siren to name just a few. Holly has also been a guest for a T.V. news article, and has been in the Globe and Mail and Oak Bay News, in print and online for modelling and singing. At sports events, Holly sang the Canadian and American national anthems while living in Victoria, B.C.

In 2014, Holly and Noreen travelled to Nashville, TN, where her country music EP 'Wild Dreams, Wild Horses' was recorded. In her music you'll hear soft violin, whispers of tambourine, steel guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, piano, keyboard, male background vocals, and her feminine, feisty, yet smooth vocals all mixed and mastered and produced in Nashville, TN, USA, by producer and manager -John Nicholson, of Hilltop Recording Studios, who has recorded many country music stars, such as: Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and Crystal Gayle. Her songs included in this EP is 'Wild Dreams Wild Horses', 'One Way Street', and 'This Brick Wall' which were co-written by Noreen D. Merrick. Holly loved the Nashville experience and plans on going back in 2022, once the pandemic has subsided.

​Holly enjoys singing and performing for large and intimate events, and because of the pandemic and the new laws, there are restrictions of the type of events she can perform at. Please contact her manager to learn more.